Sports And Game

Sports are regarded as most essential physical drills for the nourishment of healthy mind and healthy body. sports not only provide fitness to body but also entertain the performers in terms of their healthy personality. The institute therefore takes care of physical training and sports activities of all sorts as

needed for the overall development of fire cadets Keeping in view of their functional skills.

IFSE gives due importance to physical education activities along with academic subjects for all - round development of the students.

With the objective of inculcating in them attributes like leadership,discipline,team spirit etc. and these activities help students to gain physical strenghth,endurance and for their psychomotor development.

We provide facilities for indoor and outdoor activities. Indoor facilities are provided for Table Tennis, Chess and Caroms. Outdoor facilities are provided for Volleyball, Basketball, football, cricket, Shuttle Badminton and athletics.

IFSE Fire and Safety course college in Nagpur focus on physical activities like sports, along with academic subjects for overall development of the students.