IFSE Learing Sources

Learning at Institute of fire & safety engineering (IFSE) Nagpur is derived from prominent national and international establishments:

National Fire College Nagpur http://www.nfscnagpur.nic.in
National Safety council (NSC) ,India, https://www.nsc.org
National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) USA, https://www.nfpa.org
International Ass. Of Fire Fighters IAFF USA,  https://www.iaff.org
Red Cross International, http://www.redcross.int
International Fire Service training Ass. IFSTA USA,https://www.info.ifsta.org
Fire & Security Association of India, http://www.fsai.in
National Institute of Disaster Management New Delhi, http://nidm.gov.in
The Maharashtra Fire Services Personnel Welfare Association http://www.mahafireservice.gov.in
IFSE ,Nagpur take active participation in various national and international level events to further strengthen it’s teaching methods. Every year numerous guest faculties /Industry experts are invited to train the undergoing batch.

Online study sources available from prominent national and international establishments for fire, safety management study diploma, graduation and post graduation.