National integration breaking barriers - intellectual, emotional and social interaction through celebration various festivals at IFSE. Human being is a complex entity, dangling between inner and outer exhibition of expression. Cultural activities provide opportunities to individuals to exhibit their hidden talents, and this is how they shape their personality. The institute provides ample opportunities on this count, for its inmates.

Various events organized round the year are Musical, Dance, Fine Arts, Stage performances, Quiz Competition, Recitation, Elocution, Mock drills, Debate, etc.

Apart from round the year activities college boast of an annual fest.

Assembly, games, competitions, programs, publications, exhibitions, and other activities bring students together, unite them, develop in them the ‘we’ - feeling and help them to make their own contribution for the betterment of the society at large.

Through these activities we endeavour to inculcate in them - effective expression, creativity, enhance and shape overall personality, promote exhibition of hidden talents and  develop in them skills of  planning and organizing and induce in them respect for their culture and traditions.

Institute of Fire and Safety Engineering in Nagpur organize various events round the year activities college boast of an annual fest.