Students at IFSE are kept abreast with latest technology and other useful skills.The list of mandatory Add-on skills subjects for all students are as :

Add On Skills

To give practical knowledge & training to cope-up with hazards and accidents as well as contemporary demands of industries.
A students who has done the above mentioned training earlier can seek exemption from the mandatory training but he need to clear the IFSE exam for the above skill set. Successful students of there all courses are awarded respective course certificate.
IT MS Office, Internet & H/W Course
Students will have 8 sessions of 1 tutorial on Introduction to Personal Computing & 3 tutorials on MS Word Tutorial along with 2 MS excel tutorials.Students get training and access to the software that Microsoft office services offers. Students are given lessons on the basic functions of Microsoft Word, Excel. They learn to use each or any of the applications for personal & professional use. Word allows to type a document, customize its settings in terms of Inserting images or clip arts or bullets, page layout, references, mailings, review and view. The font and its size can be adjusted to best fit style and requirements, as well as its paragraph indents and spacing. To work on a data sheet or database, Microsoft office course on Excel is very useful tool. With Excel, one can analyze, manage and share information. Its features include new analysis and visualization tools to help track down and highlight important data trends.
Banking & Accounts
The objective is to make each IFSE conversant with latest in banking and accounts for personal usage and upkeep of personal accounts.It includes Internet banking and computerized accounting for the personal use.
Driving (Four Wheeler/Fire Vehicles)
The fire fighters are the leaders of any and all the situation they face in life. Driving is an essential skills for a fire fighter. At IFSE it is insured that all the pupil earn driving credits while undergoing practical.They can man the fire vehicle when need arises.
Fire fighter and safety officer are trained for swimming for self defense as well as for the people whose life they are to save. Swimming is essential and much needed skill for a safety officer.
Snake Training
Although not equally essential but sudden emergence of Snake play havoc in our fast developing urbane surroundings. With the fast vanishing of traditional snake charmers , the snake training has become very significant in IFSE curriculum.
In addition to the regular courses we have add on skills such as Comuter training, MS Word, MS Excel to improve students knowledge.

IT MS Office, Internet & H/W course

Driving (Four Wheeler/Fire vehicles)

Banking & Accounts


Snake Training

Admissions Open for 2023-24